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10 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

Throwing a Halloween party this year? If yes, then you’re probably looking for decoration ideas too – which is why you landed here in the first place I suppose.

So, what’s Halloween without decorated pumpkins? We all have made those jack-o-lanterns every year. Let’s face it, they’re common. What I’m going to share with you are some innovative ideas to decorate your pumpkin for this year.

Mostly, pumpkins are wasted on Halloween as you wouldn’t prefer eating it after using it as a party décor. Now, if you paint your pumpkins, there’s no scope left for you or anyone else to eat it later. That’s why I’ll be giving you some ideas that are not only simple, but will also not make the pumpkin inedible.

Here’s what you can do with your pumpkins this Halloween:

1.   Make it a Candy Box

You do cut the top of the pumpkin to put LED lights inside when you’re making jack-o-lanterns. Now instead of putting in lights, why not put a lot of candies? Think about it – you don’t have to carve on the rest of the pumpkin to make a face and you’re putting it to use instead of just keeping it on display. In fact, the top of the pumpkin that you cut open becomes the lid of your new “candy box”.

You can even cut a hole in the middle instead of the top. That way, people can take their candies from the front. Since you’re keeping items that are dry and edible inside, this doesn’t put the pumpkin to waste.

2.   How About a Scarecrow-Pumpkin?

Halloween is all about scaring away ghosts and devils. And scarecrows are good at scaring away creatures. In fact, a lot of scarecrows have heads that are actually pumpkins. Here’s something you can do:

  • Cut the top of the pumpkin and carve the face like you do for making a jack-o-lantern.
  • Stuff some dry grass or hay on the top to make it look like hair.
  • You can take an old basket made of cane and place it on the head to make it look like a hat.
  • Place this on a taller and thinner pumpkin, that can act like a body.
  • On the taller pumpkin, make two holes on either sides and put two sticks or branches to look like hands.

And your scarecrow is ready!

3.   Do You Like Snowman?

If your party has a winter theme, then chuck the orange pumpkin and get 2 white ones – one really bigger than the other. However, both need to be round. You can just carve a face on the smaller one, make it wear a hat and make the body wear a scarf.

Now doesn’t that sound like a cute “pumpkin-man”?

4.   If Not a Man, Create a Robot!

You’ll need 2 orange pumpkins of different sizes here – a small, round one for the head and a long, thin one for the body. Now you don’t cut holes entirely on either of these. To make the eyes, mouth or perhaps some buttons on the body, you just peel off the skin.

Basically, you do some carving, but you don’t take out the flesh. May be if you want to make hands, you can cut out holes there and place any long fruit or vegetable there. Now that’s an entirely edible robot!

5.   Time to Play a Prank

There’s an amazing little concept where you can place a ghost inside a pumpkin – a ghost that is actually made of a pumpkin!

What you do here is take a little white pumpkin and carve a scary face. You don’t cut an entire hole for the eyes, but leave some space to place something there for popping out eyes. To make it scarier, you could have white LED lights inside this too, so that the “ghost” is visible in the dark and scary.

Now, you place this little ghost inside a big, orange pumpkin that you cut from the top.

Trick part – you place the top of the pumpkin as a lid and tie the stem with a rope. When you feel like scaring people, just pull it up!

6.   You Can Even Have Funny Ghosts!

Some ghosts can actually look cute, you know? You take the thin white pumpkins and carve out their faces. However, instead of cutting the top, you cut the bottom – in a zic-zac fashion that makes it look like a ghost.

Tip: You can place these little ghosts on lamps so that they give a jack-o-lantern feel.

7.   Dress it Up Like a Witch

Now here too, I think white pumpkins would look better – at least for the face. You carve it and can place a parsnip in the middle as its nose, the pointy edge facing outside of course. You can cut the top and place some twigs to make its hair and then make it wear a witch hat.

For the body, you can use multiple pumpkins of any color and cover it with a robe or stole. Now that completes your witch!

8.   How About Some Creepy, Scary Eyes?

You’ll need 4 pumpkins here – 2 small, white ones and 2 big, orange ones. Additionally, you need 2 slices of kiwi. You see where I’m going? The kiwi slices will be eyeballs that you’ll place on the white pumpkins. You’ll have to cut a hole of the same size so that the slices stay there.

Now, you cut the shape of an eye on the orange pumpkins and place the white ones inside. Now these make the scariest eyes, isn’t it?

9.   Consider Making it a Bulb Holder

Now that’s actually a very shorter and easier version of your jack-o-lantern. You just cut the top and place a lamp inside. Here, your bulb needs to be visible. You can even keep a candle, but then the wax will make the pumpkin inedible for later.

10.        Some More Candy for the End?

Here’s another cute design for you then – you carve out a cute looking face on your big, orange pumpkin. Now on the top, you make a lot of tiny holes with the tip of a knife. These holes will be of the exact same size as the sticks of your lollipops. So, you get it right? You’ll be sticking your lollipops on these holes – in a way that it looks like the pumpkin’s hair.

Could your pumpkin look any cuter?

Well, these are some 10 crazy ideas that are popping in my head as I’m planning my Halloween party. Once I get hold of these pumpkins and a knife, I might come out with even 50 more! There’s no end to how I can use my pumpkin to decorate my place for a Halloween party.


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