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Halloween Door Decoration Ideas That Are Hauntingly Awesome

Planning to set-up a scary theme party for Halloween this year? Well, this theme is something that you display from the very doorstep of the party. Making your door look creepy is what sets the mood for the Halloween party inside.

Make your house look haunted this Halloween, starting from these amazing door decoration ideas that can scare anyone to death. You could set-up a single theme from the entrance to the last wall of the venue, or only make the entrance a little scarier.

Considering that you could have limited space or a lot of it for your décor, we have all sorts of ideas to make your door look scary as hell. Let’s check them out.

What Can be Scarier than a Glowing Skeleton?

Skeletons are the most realistic ghosts that we find in every scary house. Your door couldn’t look more haunted with anything else if you just placed a glowing skeleton on it. You can check out our nightlight skeleton, which glows in the dark. It’s a cloth that you just need to place on your door – so that’s easy and quick as hell.

If you have an outdoor entrance with stairs, you can consider keeping an open tomb on one side of the staircase and something that looks like a dead tree on the other side. That would give a perfect look of a graveyard.

Spiderweb – A Classic Haunted House Look

There are so many ways in which you can make spiderweb decorations. They give a very real and classic effect of a haunted house. The most realistic web you can make is by using a white thread. You can use a ring for tying up the thread in that fashion. If you have more outdoor space at the entrance, you can even spread your web on the railings and walls than just filling up the door.

Additionally, you can have some toy spiders here and there too. You can make them using black balloons and some unfurled wire hangers. While the face and body can be made of the balloons, the hangers can be used to make the legs.

LED Ghost Lights

When you’re throwing a party at night and your entrance is from a garden, lighting is very important for getting those haunted effects. To make it simple for you, we have some amazing LED light bulbs that already have a scary theme. These include eyeballs, little jack-o-lanterns, skulls and ghosts. You just hang those around the door or even on the railings and you’re done.

To enhance your theme, you can use a bigger version of these decorations to place on the ground. So, with the jack-o-lantern bulbs, you can place a lot of actual jack-o-lanterns or other pumpkins stacked on either side. With skulls, you can place some skeletons here and there.

Give a Warning Sign on Your Door

Now what could possibly freak you out from entering a door? In buildings, the room where there is electricity control, the board has a sign saying “Danger” or “No Entry”. In areas that are supposedly “haunted”, you find them sealed with that warning sign. That’s exactly what you do with your door!

There’s not much to do – you take some cardboard and write “Haunted” or “Keep Out” or “Danger” on it with red paint. Let the paint spread a little bit too. It will be perfect if you have an apartment and the door is all you have.  

Scarecrow Pumpkin

Now that’s a great outdoor door décor that you can use. It’s something you place right outside the door, before the railings on the side. In fact, there are so many other statues you could make with a pumpkin, like a witch or a stack of many jack-o-lanterns.

If you have a garden or lawn, you can place some dead trees too, which will enhance the effect of a scarecrow. Give a moonlight effect here, so that it looks like a real, scary place.

Scary Eyes

Now if you had a door staring at you, would that not just creep you out? All you have to do is make 2 really scary eyes, or may be any two eyes. You paste them on your door and stand in front to see if you feel like the door is “watching you”.

Additionally, you can decorate the door even more by adding a real face. You could make a mouth that’s open and has scary, sharp teeth. Perhaps, you can even have some fur here and there, or paste a complete mask of a monster on the door. It could be one, giant mask or even a small one – or, you can make the entire door look like one.

Black Birds

There are 3 black birds that can give a haunted look – bats, crows and ravens. You can cut them out with black paper and either stick them or hang them on your door. If you have a lawn, you can place them on dead trees – perhaps then you could use 3D ones too. You could even suspend them in the air with a thin string if you want.

You can work out the décor for an apartment door too if you want. In that case, the best would be to cut out many flying crows or ravens and stick them on the door. You can have a background of a graveyard or haunted house in the background too.

Creepy Clown

If you go to a circus, a clown is funny. However, in Halloween, the same clown can scare the hell out of you. All you need him to do is have a very creepy smile. You can even take inspiration from Hollywood, where jokers are popular villains. Get a 3D-joker mask and put it up on your door. It’s perfect for an apartment door.

If your entrance is outdoors, then you can put-up an entire clown statue next to the door – perhaps handing out candies to you. In fact, you can add some background sound of scary laughs that can just add to the horror effect.

Jack-O-Lantern Theme Door

You don’t have to place the actual jack-o-lantern here. If you have an apartment door, you can put-up a flat jack-o-lantern theme. That would just need you to cut out an orange paper of the size of your door and cut holes for the jack-o-lantern face. You can even use cloth and hang it on the door – that in fact would be easier to make and handle.

If you use the theme outdoors, you can enhance it with more pumpkin decoration on either side. Even a fake, oversized pumpkin lying on the ground on the side of the door can make it look creepy.

Graveyard Theme

That’s something that’ll work best for outdoors only. You would need some fake trees, one or two fake tombstones, the same number of tombs, some fake birds (bats or ravens), skeletons and a ghost. On the door, you can have a ghost that made of white cloth. Some light behind the cloth can make it glow and look like a real ghost too.

You keep the tombs open with a skeleton inside each and a tombstone in front of them. The trees and birds are for the lawn, if you have any. That completes the graveyard effect.

No matter what the place is, there are numerous decorations you can do at the entrance. You can take inspiration from films – horror as well as those that have popular villains. Even a random door decoration with skulls, jack-o-lanterns and witches look good. The bottom line is – you utilize whatever space you have to the fullest.

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