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New Year Celebrations Around the World

Every country has got its own new year, depending on the calendar that they follow. However, the common new year that we all celebrate in the world is 31st December and 1st January. And we believe that we are eager to say goodbye to 2020, although most of us don’t have great expectations for 2021.

Are you scared to party the usual way? If yes, then let’s take a look at some other ways of celebrating new year. Here, we’ll see how different countries celebrate their new year to celebrate the occasion in a new way.


When it’s a new year according to their lunar calendar, people dress up in new clothes and carry lanterns in a parade. These parades are led by silk dragons, which signify strength in their culture. They even burst fire crackers.

Now parades with dragons wouldn’t happen on 31st eve, but we could get some new type of clothes to wear and release sky lanterns this year. Take a look at this Korean style outfit.


The Thai new year has a 3-day celebration in April, where you have statues of the Buddha spraying water on people passing by. To come to a smaller version, they release fish into the rivers, have fun water fights and tie strings to one another.

Now these are some really fun ideas of celebrating new year. If not strings, you could even look for other accessories to gift your friends and family – it’s a warm way of spreading love, isn’t it? Check out this ring for instance.


If you still have your Christmas bells, try the Japanese way of celebration. In Japan, people go to Buddhist temples and ring bells 108 times. The number signifies the number of human desires according to Buddhist tradition and by ringing the bells, we tend to remove all negativity caused by them.

What do you say, this year, would you ring bells at home may be? Would be something different to do – no doubt about that.


Here’s another unique new year celebration style. We all are used to making new year resolutions every year. In Russia, they write their new year’s wish in a piece of paper and then burn it. Now guess where the ash goes.

It goes to your glass of champaign! The next thing you do is drink that at 12 AM. Now how does that sound?


To all the foodies out there, you’re going to love the Estonia way of celebrating new year – eat at least 7 times in the day. The number of meals they have on New Year is either 7, 9 or 12. These are the lucky numbers they consider. The belief is that if you had 7 meals, you’d be as strong as 7 men/women. The same applies for 9 and 12.

And you know what the best part is? You don’t have to finish everything on your plate! Leaving some food behind on the plate could actually make your late ancestors happy.


This country also witnesses a 3-day celebration, starting from 30th December. On day 1, you’ll find thousands of revelers holding out torches on the street, playing pipers and drums. On New Year’s Eve, people dance to traditional Scottish music.

What you can possibly adapt from here is the kind of outfits they wear – mostly checked skirts or pants. Why don’t you check out this checked dress among our collection of fashion clothes?


Now I really got a tradition anyone could try and follow at home. The Spanish celebrate their New Year by eating grapes! Now you’re not eating grapes like you would on a usual day. They eat one on every stroke of midnight. Believe me, it just sounds easy but you might need practice.

In Spanish new year parties, you’ll actually find people carrying 12 grapes in one hand and a glass of cava on the other. These parties begin on New Year’s Eve and end in the morning.


This is probably the most surprising new year tradition you’re going to read here. Most new year celebrations around the world involve music, dancing, fireworks and other small cultural practices. However, in Denmark, you get to smash glass crockery against our friend’s door and make them popular!

On a normal day and in another country, someone would think you are mad at the person. However, in Denmark, people save their old and chipped crockery only for this day! And the best part is, people wish for more and more smashes against their own door!


If you live in a city by the coast, then you might feel like celebrating in the Brazilian style. They jump 7 waves in the sea as it is considered to bring good luck. To add to that, they even wear white outfits and throw flowers into the ocean as an offering to the Gods.

You can check out this beach top if you really want to wear a new type of clothes this new year. This would even give a feel of the Brazilian celebration mentioned above.


Here, new year celebration starts at 2:00 AM and goes on till 10 in the morning. If you ever go there, you’ll be amazed to see the parade where ladies dance in their colorful costumes to the beats of goatskin drums and cow whistles.

Feel like wearing something fancy and jazzy this new year? Why don’t you add these tassel earrings to your collection of accessories?

New Year, New Celebration Style

This year has indeed been very new to experience for all of us. Now, let’s enjoy its end in a new way too. Add new type of clothes to your wardrobe, shop for funkier accessories and do something different. True celebration lies in enjoying with your family and friends – whether it’s a simple feast at home or tapping your feet to the beats of your favorite songs till morning. What are you planning to do this time?

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