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Top 12 Ideas for Christmas Decorations and Surprises

You think you can have really limited number of people for Christmas this year? If yes, then there are other ways of making it special and fun. Even if it’s just family, you can decorate the house beautifully to get those Christmas vibes. To pump it up, plan a few surprises for your kids that are mixed with funny pranks too.

Now that makes Christmas funny, emotional and most importantly memorable. Isn’t it?

Let’s start with the home décor then.

6 Unique Christmas Decorations for your Home

If you want to take a break from the usual Christmas décor, then just do it. Mix some of the old stuff you have at home with some innovative items that you can get in the market. This time, we can get stuff that can be used again that have fresh greens all the time. Let’s take a look.

Here’s What You Can Do with the Bells

At the door, the best décor item is a Christmas wreath – a symbol of everlasting life. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use greens every year. Another welcoming sign of Christmas are the “Jingle Bells” – why not make a Christmas wreath out of that?

Take all the bells you have and form a wreath using hot glue. You can choose to keep the original colour or even spray paint it with a colour of your choice. Then, you stick a matching ribbon on it and put it up on your door.

Major plus point – this will last long and can be reused every year. If it looks old, spray paint and change the colour!

This is for the Centre Table in the Living Room

If you’ve got some mason jars lying around unnecessarily, here’s what you can do with them:

  • Mix equal amounts of Epsom salt and silver glitter in a bowl.
  • Open the jars and apply glue on the outer portion.
  • Once it dries, apply the mixture and let it dry overnight.
  • Next day, you can place any old Christmas décor inside, or even some lights if you’re having a Christmas dinner.

Want to Change Your Cushion Covers?

If your cushion covers don’t go with the décor, we’ve got some special cushion covers for you. You can try the Snowflake theme cushion cover for a typical Christmas feel, or go for something more abstract like the Starry pillowcase.

Some Unique Hangings for Your Tree

Now, we come to the Christmas tree. The usual décor includes some balls, bells and stars. Other decorations we use are candy canes, lights or candles and the shimmery silver tinsels. Well this time, here are some unique ornaments you could use:

  • Paper or LED candles
  • Pine cones – natural, glittered or covered in snow
  • Snowflake Lights
  • Painted Christmas balls
  • Thin, round slices of citrus fruit
  • Solid-coloured ribbons

Coming to the Socks

You don’t have to have really traditional looking socks all the time. You can stitch some innovative designs out of any pants that you want to discard – even if it’s denim. Else, you can shop for some innovative-looking socks right here.

Here’s Something for the Dining Table

We have décor ideas for both breakfast and dinner.

Let’s start with the day time. How would you like to have an edible Christmas tree made of Rice Krispy, some green food colouring and may be some gems? It’s an amazing dessert that you can have on your plate right in the centre of the table.

You can check out some of these décor items too:

Here’s some décor items you could use for a Christmas dinner table:

Some Surprises and Pranks for this Christmas

Now that you’ve decorated the house, let’s plan the party for the day. Here are some surprises mixed with pranks that can help you make Christmas fun:

Invite Someone Unexpected and Ask Him / Her to Come Dressed Up as Santa

That would be one of the best surprises you can give to your family members. If you’re going to come back home from outstation on Christmas, here’s an idea – tell everyone you’re returning after Christmas and come home dressed as Santa on the day of Christmas.

Put a Little Note in an Empty Box and Wrap it Really Well

We all keep presents just below the Christmas tree. Now here’s a prank – keep a really well-wrapped present below the tree, except that it will actually be big box with one little note inside! The next surprise mentioned below will explain what the note will say.

Hide the Real Presents All Around the House and Organize a Treasure Hunt

Yes, the note in that big box will have a clue leading everyone to the actual presents. Hide them all at home. To make it more interesting, you can wrap all the presents with the same Christmas-theme wrapping paper!

Refill a Chocolate Box with Sprouts or Dry Fruits

Now this and the next point are both pranks that you can play in the middle of the treasure hunt. You could wrap a box of your kids’ favourite chocolates and keep sprouts or dry fruits inside – anything they find more boring! Or, you could even leave it empty with merely a note.

Wrap a Party Popper as a Present and Give Instructions to Open it

I would say this is both a prank and a surprise. I’d say you either keep this for the end. You wrap the party popper in a way that no one can see what it is. You can even paint the box if you want. Leave a note that says “Twist to Open” exactly at the point from where the poppers will burst.

You want to make this scarier? Look for a cracker that opens that way!

There are loads of Christmas presents that are sweet and nice. However, it’s the way you plan things that create memories. Being surrounded by only the ones closest to you, make this Christmas worth remembering!

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