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Cartoon Giraffe Height Wall Sticker

Cartoon Giraffe Height Wall Sticker

Cartoon Giraffe Height Wall Sticker

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Product parameter
Material: PVC stickers
Style: Flat wall sticker
Scope of application: flat or smooth material surface
Unit: Zhang
Operation tips: plan the pattern before pasting and wipe the floating dust on the pasted surface

Material characteristics: PVC material

Self-adhesive characteristics: The base glue is removable glue, no glue stains remain when it is removed, and it will not have any effect on most of the walls when it is torn. Because the wall paint and environmental humidity vary greatly in different areas, it is recommended that when you tear it off and remove it, you should gently uncover the corners of the wall. If it is OK, you can slowly tear it off and remove it; if you find it may fall off the wall Lacquer, please remove it after heating with a blower.

Pasting special case: general wallpaper has texture, which will affect the durability of pasting. It is recommended to use ordinary tape to paste on the surface of the wallpaper first. If the tape is sticky for a long time, the wall sticker can be pasted and used.

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