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Dolly Slider + 11" Magic Arm

Dolly Slider + 11" Magic Arm

Dolly Slider + 11" Magic Arm

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Desktop orientation pulley shooting tires tires are hollow design, the use of diameter 6.5cm, thickness 2cm, outsourcing shock soft, so that the shooting screen stability does not beating, will not change the line in the shooting process, free to set a straight line or can be the largest left and right 45 Angle orientation. Can be installed PTZ, and the trolley plate design has three standard 1/4 screw interface to facilitate the installation of strange support, small head, boots mouth ... and so make it easier with peripheral accessories such as cameras, LCD screen, and other equipment used in conjunction.


1, pulley car using a solid aluminum alloy floor bearing camera equipment, dual bearing rubber wheel and steel wheel shaft can ensure smooth rolling;

2, pulley car out of the traditional track and rail car troubles and constraints, there is no sliding length limit, sliding track and curvature can be flexibly adjusted, highly mobile;

3, pulley car is portable, assembly adjustment is very convenient. So whether you are used for indoor desktop shooting or outdoor mobile shooting, you will find the silent pulley car is a good choice;


Size about: 20 * wide 12 * high 6.5 cm

Wheel diameter: 6.5cm

Color:  blue

Pulley Weight: 620g

Load: 10Kg

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